Globe and Mail Immigration Information

So I follow The Globe and Mail on Twitter. They have been doing surveys the past week or so and have compiled statistics from census information to create an interactive section of their site where you can explore immigration in Canada.

I think immigration is vital to Canada as our population ages. If people are willing to come here, work hard, and believe in what makes our country great, all the power to them. I find the information presented on the site interesting, especially comparing where I came from to where I am now.

If I put in my old postal code, it shows the stats for all of Prince County, PEI. If I remember correctly, 2% of the population are immigrants and the majority are from the UK, the United States, and the Netherlands. In my current postal code, which is within Maple, ON, 44% of the population are immigrants and most of those are from Italy, Pakistan, and India. From my experience, Russia must be right behind these other countries. In the GTA, 50% of the population are immigrants, and they are mainly from India, China, and Italy. I know people who are here from all over.

What a different world I’m in. It’s all part of the same country, but worlds apart. It is good to know both places. My worries about our country isn’t immigration. It is the petty and small-minded people running it at the moment.


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  1. kelly

    petyty and small mined is right….they don’t seem to have any concept of common decency.

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