My youngest is taking tap lessons at Young Dancers of Canada.  He watched a youtube video of the Little Rascals with me last year and saw a young guy dancing tap in a sailor suit.  He wanted to learn how to dance like that.  He didn’t forget and so after he asked again this fall we enrolled him.

One trip on the subway I saw a poster for Riverdance and it said it was the last showing.  In order to make sure everyone got to see it, we had to get tickets way up high at the Sony Centre, but it isn’t a large venue so we thought it would still be worth it.  I saw The Lord of the Dance at the Charlottetown Civic Centre and was pretty far away from the stage and it was still good, so I knew this would be ok.

It was great.  The Sony Centre is a beautiful venue and the sound quality is excellent.  (Not just compared to a rink, it is a great theatre compared to other theatres I’ve been to.)  The audience was into the performance.  I wasn’t expecting singing, but was pleasantly surprized.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

And how did the youngest like it?  During one musical interlude, I looked at him and he was crying.  I leaned over to ask why, (quietly, of course) and at first I thought he was telling me that he was sad that the dancers were done.  I explained that they had just gone behind to change and they were playing music in the meantime.  But that is not what he meant.  He was sad because Riverdance was not coming back to Toronto again.  I had to tell him that they might still have shows in Ireland and maybe he could go see them there or that they might change their mind and come back to Toronto again in a few years to get him to stop being upset.  His biggest issue was that he had looked away from the stage for a minute and missed something and there was no way for him to see it again.

I’m glad we went.


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