Mollie, the Savannah monitor

We lost one of our Ackie monitors to impaction.  Reptilia agreed to take the other on trade for a Savannah monitor.  We got her a few weeks ago, and now I introduce her to you.  Her (well, she’s too young to tell for sure) name is Mollie.  She’s great.  I always wanted an iguana growing up, but I have come to find out that they are quite aggressive.  Mollie is much more suited to a family with young children.

This container is for feeding only.  Her regular enclosure is 6′ long.  Jack has been great about the weird choice of pet.



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3 responses to “Mollie, the Savannah monitor

  1. kelly

    as i am just now leaving a reply it is obvious that i don’t read your posts anywhere near often enough lol. i’m so sorry bout your monitors but mollie looks great! i love lizards! enjoy!

  2. kelly

    gonna try to check up on you more often…..promise lol.

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