Making every vote count

The vote-splitting that happened in the last federal election that resulted in us having Harper as Prime Minister really upsets me. I have read some of the alternative voting mechanisms being proposed and they sound so complicated. Why not just allow each politician be elected as before, but when it comes time for them to vote on bills in the House of Commons, their vote carries the weight of the number of people who voted for them? Then every vote counts. People who choose not to vote have no influence, as always. But I am sure the politician would be out trying to convince everyone to get out and vote if this happened. If politicians crossed the floor, it could very much alter the political landscape. For smaller provinces, they still have the influence on the number of seats won over who gets to form the government and who is Prime Minister. But if some seats have a few too many people, all of a sudden I don’t think the MP will be complaining. I don’t know how these changes go about, but I think I’m going to try to find out and see if this idea might float.

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