Watch your bank account, and with whom you bank.

A couple of days ago, I need to buy more bus tokens.  So I made the effort to get to a Scotiabank machine to save myself some bank fees.  A day later, there three ABM withdrawls for amounts that you would never be able to withdraw from a bank machine along with $15 in service charges were debited to my account.  The total was almost $1000.  When I phoned, the gentleman on the phone said that the account had been noted for possible fraud and that I had to go to my own branch to fill out a request to get my money back.

So today I went to my branch and filled out the form.  They told me it would take a month to get it back.  Which really sucks.  Last year we paid in advance for gymnastics classes and the school went under before any of them were used.  I had paid with my BMO MasterCard and they refunded the money first and investigated second.  I guess maybe it is time to move my banking, especially with Scotia raising their fees yet again.  It’s not like I don’t have my choice of nearby banks.

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  1. Scotia put the money back. Guess their estimate of how long it would take was a bit over.

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