I have to tell Hammill

So, in a combined effort to keep strengthening my neck and to get my children to things other than play video games, I bought a Groupon for yoga a while back. Two, actually; the second is for M. It turns out that the studio I picked solely for the fact that it was very close by is Stratusphere. I had no clue who Trish Stratus was. I have since been informed by a lab mate and my brother. I also happened upon her on a travel show.

Just buying a yoga Groupon, unfortunately, is not enough. So this past Monday, M and I went to our first beginner class. I did okay, I think. The class was very full, which made it difficult to see from the back (where we were because we were almost late). M did very well, considering her young age. She remained focused throughout.

So we now have 15 more classes to use up. I’ll let you guys know if I end up seeing Trish at the studio. If I haven’t already, and didn’t recognize her…

My Stratusphere membership card

My Stratusphere membership card

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